GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a system to ensure that products meet     food safety, quality and legal requirements.

GMP contains ten principles that introduces employees to critical behaviors established by FDA and industry leaders to maintain good manufacturing practices in plants

First, look at the GMP regulations that apply to your company. They might include the regulations of one country or several countries,depending on where your products are marketed.You’ll see words and phrases in FDA’s CGMP requirements on training that will require definition in your company’s procedure, such as “train-ing shall be conducted by qualified individuals,”and “on acontinuingbasis” (emphasis added). In your procedure, you define what those wordsmean to your company.

Look at the GMP regulations of other countries and regions — Canada and the European Union,for example even if your company is not required to comply with them. You’ll find thatthose perspectives can help give you a richer understanding of what training should include

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